About Us

Flower Festival Int’l is a movement that was created by a group of Colombian immigrants in 2010. We began our organization in the hopes of spreading Colombian culture in New York by exhibiting one of the most beautiful crafts created in Antioquia, Colombia which are the Silletas. These Silletas are 6 foot medallions that are handcrafted with natural flowers and are showcased at our Festival de las Flores.

Since 2010, we have had an annual parade featuring Colombian Silleteros, who are the creators of these beautifully designed Silletas. The Silleteros carry these Silletas, that weigh well over 80 pounds, on their backs as they parade down the streets of New York City. Silleteros travel all the way from their hometown in Santa Elena, Colombia where this tradition began in the 1800’s. The tradition began where Silleteros would travel from the mountains all the way down to the main city hoping to sell their goods such as fresh flowers and fruits. From this, the tradition evolved to what it is now and what is displayed in our Flower Festival; a festival that demonstrates the beauty of Colombia as well as the different cultures that reside in New York City.

Our Silleteros and art department work hard to prepare our floral Silletas for our parade along with our flower floats. These floral arts are sponsored by many local businesses as well as fortune 500 companies. Our Flower Festival Int’l parade includes many other attractions like dance groups from different ethnic backgrounds, antique cars, our very own Festival de las Flores Queen and plenty more. Although we began as a company intending to spread Colombian culture, we now strive to spread the diversity of New York and demonstrate talents and cultures of the many different countries that reside in New York City.

Flower Festival Int’l also hosts an annual festival where you can meet the silleteros, enjoy live musical and comedic acts, plus more. This annual festival is held within the same week as the Parade where not only can you enjoy the live music but also win giveaways, experience different cultural foods, and bring the entire family along for a memorable day.

Our organization aspires to bring cultures together through our festival and demonstrate the beauty that each ethnicity brings with them to the great city of New York.